Newsletter Nitzavim 5776

Parashá Nitzavim נִצָּבִ֤ים
Deuteronomio 29:9 – 30:20

You are all standing this day” (Devarim 29: 9)
This week´s parashah, Nitzavim, begin with these words and the name means to stand firmly, to be reunited and in congregation, UNITED. The nation of Israel has been summoned again by their elderly leader, Moshé, who now perceives the approaching end of his days.manos-corazon
The text continues, “You are all standing this day before the Lord, your God…”
The parashah begins with the topic of unity, which is one of the main preparations we face in Rosh Hashanah.
There is a midrash that compares the nation of Israel with a bundle of reeds: each individual reed could easily break on its own, but when they are bound together in a bundle of reeds, it is impossible to break them.
Just as it is written in the renowned book, Martín Fierro, by José Hernández, key author in the Gaucho literary movement:
“Brothers should stand by each other because this is the first law. Keep a true bond between you always, at every time–”
and the verse ends declaring: “because if you fight among yourselves you’ll be devoured by those outside.”
The same thing happens in the Jewish nation: when we are united, from “the leaders of your tribes” down to “your water drawers”- then we are “standing firmly”, enduring with strength.
Shabbat Shalom and y Shaná Tová Um´etuká!!! ~~~~~~~~ Mati

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