Newsletter #30, 2015 Interfaith Pilgrimage for Peace and Social Justice, 2015

The least expected experiences in life can sometimes be the ones best lived, and the Interfaith Pilgrimage for Peace and Social Justice, 2015 has been one of those experiences for the Jewish group from the Bet Januká and Bet El communities. It has truly enriched our lives. We are very pleased to be able to enter into dialogue and to get to know each other between members of the monotheistic religions, and more so in this environment of mutual respect.grupo
We all have different roads to travel and different forms of honoring our same Creator, and in this encounter we have learned how the other religions manifest this. There was a great participation effort on everyone´s part in the activities sponsored by each confession. We are especially happy for having discovered more uniting points than dividing ones. This has reiterated the fact that differences are not bad. You just have to know how to live with them and of course respect them.grupoElena
It was a pleasure, as a way to participate in this encounter, to explain what the Jewish New Year is, and the meaning of its symbolic foods, as well as the tashlich custom. We enjoyed sharing the sound of the shofar and talking about it as the principle mitzvah during the High Holidays. We also explained the meaning of the Day of Judgement and Atonement in the Jewish calendar, and we realized that deep down, we all share the desire to forgive and to be forgiven for our transgressions against the other in the world.shofar
We want to extend our gratitude to The Organization of this encounter, Pedro Alvarez for making this a successful conviviality. Also to the nuns in the benedictine monastary of Santa maria de Carbajal. The meeting with the Bishop of Leon, Don Julián López Martín was important for his involvement in the project, just as Juan XXIII until the current day Pope Francis have promoted interfaith dialogue.
We hold the sincere hope to share this type of experience in the future.
Shabbat Shalom! ~~~~~~~ Bet Januká


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