Newsletter #24, 2015

Parshah Matot-Massei (Numbers 30:2–36:13)

The parashah Matot-Massei contains a great explanation of the travels of Israel throughout the desert,
“Moses recorded their starting points for their journeys according to the word of the Lord, and these were their journeys with their starting points.” (Numbers 33:2)journeys
Our starting point in life has great importance in determining our situation in life. And so, these journeys made by Israel were influenced greatly by the spirit of their departures.
Shabbat Shalom! ~~~~~~~ Bet Januká
Content adapted from “The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet”, Rabbi Michael L. Munk, 1983, Mesorah Publications.


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Read Torah from Around the World #281: Parshat Matot-Massei (Numbers 30:2-36:13) By: Rabbi Dr. Walter Rothschild is Rabbi of ‘Or Chadasch’ Liberal congregation, Vienna, Austria.

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