Newsletter #14, 2015

Parasha Tazria-Metzorá תזריע מצרע (Vayikra 12-15)

Continued explanation on the laws of purity and impurity and the consequent process of ritual purification.
We may be surprised by what we read in this parshah about the pure and the impure and the purification ritual which are apparently far removed from our contemporary life. A hasty reading and focusing on obtaining instant miraculous resources helps very little; but before putting it down or become involved in difficult interpretations, if we took our time, listening intently and in silence, we can achieve a greater degree of clarity.fuente
Actually most of the impurities are the result of carelessness and inattention. When looking at their external signals on the surface of our body, on the palate of our words, in the chafing of our relationships, in the thrill of our emotions, affection and feelings, in the interruption of our own thoughts … then it is too late. We have strayed from the path to our covenant with what we believe most sacred, we have separated our people, our families and ourselves. We have divided ourselves: peace is lost. We have been swept up and realize that something must be redone, we must take the path of return.cedar
The rough signs on the surface tell us that something is wrong internally, not in the depths of the mind (that of human psychology) but in the soul. For this reason, when the impurity shows itself, we attend to the rites of purification before we are left marked. But the challenge is to realize that if we pay attention at every moment, in each instant, in every step we take in life, we can then bypass much of the circumstances that generated such problems.palomas
Yes, we live and this entails deterioration and macula; Not only that, but in addition we are able to see the impurity in the other but not in ourselves. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into neglect, we may have the will to purify ourselves, or not; but what is involved here is not the desire we have to return to God. At issue is the duty each of us has to find out the source of the failure, to proceed to the eradication of the cause. Once found (whether they are the trappings of thought, tangles of emotion, material interests of –fame, ego, capital, power), what comes out of our reading is that it “will be brought” promptly before the cohen that keeps the relationship alive with the sacred.
Returning to purity is to return to the consecrated community. Taking care of the body, the brain-mind, the intellect, so that the door opens and intelligence allows us to remain vigilant and close to the Torah, procured by God.
Shabbat Shalom! ~~~~~~~~ Rafael

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