Newsletter #4, 2015

Parashah Beshalach בשלח (Exodus 13:17-17:16)

“CROSSING THE SEA” beshalaj In their exodus, the Jewish nation, guided by Moses, and as indicated by God, must cross a sea. This route ends up being the longer and the more difficult. Why is it better?….. because it is via this route that the Jewish Nation will be free, and learning by experience they can reach the Land Promised to Abraham and his descendants.
God chooses this because the other route, the shorter one, will take them through the Land of the Philistines, nowadays Ghaza, because God tells Moses “Lest the people reconsider when they see war and return to Egypt” because of the fear that it would cause them, and therefor choose non-change. In addition, crossing the Red Sea has symbolic meaning, that of leaving behind a way of thinking and a social structure based on enslavement and the deification of a man (the Pharoah).
So they will have to transit the hard road towards an order based on a spiritually mature attitude, collaboration and liberty, one of learning through Moses.
In order to facilitate a harmonious coexistence, one must have an attitude powered by the Divine but which resides in man. To teach this, God made the nation His, accompanying them in their travels, listening to them and helping them with great concern and understanding. He attends to their doubts and fears, solving their most primary needs as if a small child. He provides food and drink, and He teaches them to obey, trusting in Him.
And so, we see that God involves Himself in the history as well as in the time to come. He intervenes in their destiny, and He guides them in their learning.
The nation takes 40 years to arrive and Moses leaves them at the door of the Land of Canaan… like someone who is just learning to walk alone. We see then that individual growth is an essential element to achieve a society that stimulates personal development and at the same time coexistence with other cultures… although great struggle and enormous patience is indispensable.


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